Sustainable and Responsible Investments (SRI)

SRI is investment aimed at a sustainable development that respects future generations, and takes into account issues such as human rights, labour standards and environment.

ESG, criteria or standards regarding environmental issues, social issues and corporate governance.

In 1997, BNP Paribas Asset Management was one of the first asset managers to launch an SRI fund. Since then, the group has constantly strengthened its expertise, winning awards and obtaining numerous certifications for their devoted work. The entire BNP Paribas Asset Management group demonstrates a strong desire to lead the way in responsible investment. At Alfred Berg, we want to take this approach and passion to the Nordic markets.

Applying ESG criteria to investment processes

Our engagement in SRI involves applying increasingly responsible asset management methods and best practice processes taking into account environmental and social criteria. Your capital will not be invested in companies that have been convicted of human right violations, corruption, climate and environmental harm, or that produce controversial weapons.

Developing and promoting SRI products

By implementing ESG criteria, we encourage responsible business practices and help allocate capital for social and environmental benefit. Our aim is to encourage improvement that will lead to overall better industry practice.

Our SRI engagement is ongoing and a subject close to our heart. The Responsible Investment Policy is reviewed regularly in order to reflect the evolution of ESG standards and market practices.