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Alfred Berg is strengthening the Nordic portfolio manager team

Dag A.D. Messelt, CEFA, CESGA

Alfred Berg Kapitalforvaltning has today signed a cooperation agreement with Elite Alfred Berg Group Plc (EAB) in Finland. Through the cooperation agreement, the EAB portfolio manager team in Finland will be integrated with the Alfred Berg portfolio manager team in Norway and Sweden. The enlarged Nordic portfolio manager team will then have more then 20 portfolio managers and analysts, based in Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki. The new team will manage around 12 billion € on behalf of Nordic and international clients. The portfolio mananger team has a strong focus on the Nordic equity and fixed income markets.

“Through the agreement with EAB, we are strengthening our Nordic presence with investment professionals on the ground in 3 countries, Norway, Sweden and Finland. EABs experience with alternative products will be an interesting addition to the traditional offering we today have said Helge Arnesen, CEO of Alfred Berg Kapitalforvaltning.”

Daniel Pasternack, CEO of EAB Group Plc, think the agreement is good news for the clients.

“This is an unique opportunity to cooperate with Alfred Berg in Norway and Sweden. I am sure the cooperation will create great value for our clients said Daniel Pasternack.”

Large presence

EAB Group Plc (Elite Alfred Berg) has 88 employees in 13 offices in Finland. The company manages over 3 billion € on behalf of more than 10 000 clients. BNP Paribas Asset Management is the biggest shareholder in EAB Group Plc.

Alfred Berg Kapitalforvaltning has 60 employees in Oslo and Stockholm. The company manages 11.5 billion € on behalf of Nordic and international investors. BNP Paribas Asset Management owns 100% of Alfred Berg Kapitalforvaltning.


Contact Dag A.D. Messelt if you have questions about Alfred Berg’s Nordic capabilities


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